Growing up in a big city during my formative years with all the conveniences and ignorances that world has to offer, no one ever knew the seemingly impossible dream that festered beneath the surface. There were the obvious and sometimes standard girly dreams; meet the boy, marry the boy, have the babies, live happily ever after. Well it didn’t quite go that way, at first. At 18 I met the boy, at 19 I married the boy and the babies they never came. We endured a lot of years of pain, confusion and the medical expenses $$$. In the end dreams can come true, but the journey isn’t always what you expect. At 25 the kids started coming, sometimes babies, no stork, just a minivan. Three years later 23 children passed through our home and 5 boys are here forever. Better than the dream. In 2017 we move from that convenient big city and the world at our fingertips to a much slower pace. We fell flat on our faces, plans fell through, we all lived in one room in a basement for a year then we built our dream home and got to work.

Now back to the festering, seemingly impossible dream. This city girl always wanted to be a farmer. Everyone except the boy thought she was crazy. And the rest is blood, sweat, tears and history.

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