Wrapping Up Our First Season

Being brand new to the farming community I didn’t have high expectations for our first season launch. We all put a lot of blood, sweat, money and tears into many different ventures. Knowing that all of that and my relentless drive to succeed wasn’t enough to prove our worth to this community. The days were long, the sleep was not. As a stay at home mom with 5 special needs children that were making the new transition to homeschool life, I could have left my overflowing plate the way it was. In order to understand why on earth I would add this to our lives, we’ve got to back track a bit. Those 5 boys are not born to me and come with a painful chunk of life that didn’t involve me. Almost all of them bare scars of a life lived with fear of our basic human rights; food, shelter, safety and love. So what do you do to help a young boy turn into a secure man? Teach him what he can do with his own 2 hands. “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” Now we haven’t gotten to teaching them to fish just yet, it’s on the list, but you get the point. In less than a year we have given our future men the knowledge and ability to grow, raise and process their own food. These city boys have made a full transition into country life. There is no bigger motivation for a mother to keep moving through the exhaustion, in the snow, rain and heat. We do it all for them, but couldn’t do it without them.

The feed back we have gotten from our customers has been absolutely amazing and has helped keep me pushing forward on the days I’ve considered throwing in the towel. Doubt has crept in over and over again on this journey. When I receive a photo of a hen we’ve sold settling in with her new flock, a baby chick snuggled under its adoptive broody hen, a person snuggling their new bunny or home cooked meal from pork we raised it makes our day! The chats we’ve had in the driveway when someone comes to pick up their products. Or my absolute favorite is the smile on a Childs’ face when they run around exploring the farm for the first time. I’m sure we will run into a disgruntled customer along the way, and it will crush my soul, but we will push forward.

We have made great connections with other farmers and people within this wonderful community. And their acceptance and support of us has been very appreciated. I think we are well on our way to proving our worth. We’ve been able to pass on our newly learned processing skills to help others make progress on their sustainability journey. We love doing that! We have also been fortunate to be apart of the Feed Maine campaign video for 2021, you can find the clip on our Facebook page. We’ve made connections with local food pantries and become very involved with a local mobile food pantry, Youthful Maine. We have been able to donate our time, vehicles and skills to further their progress and reach to the community. Our little farmers are very involved and can be found every Thursday afternoon at the Dayton food distributions helping people in need carry their food to their cars. Our future men are learning lessons and skills to last a lifetime. The most valuable of all; to give more than you receive.

We’ve surely had bumps along the way to growing our skills and confidence, but overall a fabulous first season of growth for our little farm. What’s next for us? We are actively looking for larger property to continue our growth. But in the mean time we’ve still got lots of work to do! We have Thanksgiving turkeys growing fast, our new processing facility to finish and getting winter ready!

We are beyond grateful for the support we have received so far and if we haven’t worked with you yet, we hope you will give us a shot. We are small and we are new, but what we lack in longevity and experience, we make up for in hard work and drive to bring the best quality food to your table.


Growing up in a big city during my formative years with all the conveniences and ignorances that world has to offer, no one ever knew the seemingly impossible dream that festered beneath the surface. There were the obvious and sometimes standard girly dreams; meet the boy, marry the boy, have the babies, live happily ever after. Well it didn’t quite go that way, at first. At 18 I met the boy, at 19 I married the boy and the babies they never came. We endured a lot of years of pain, confusion and the medical expenses $$$. In the end dreams can come true, but the journey isn’t always what you expect. At 25 the kids started coming, sometimes babies, no stork, just a minivan. Three years later 23 children passed through our home and 5 boys are here forever. Better than the dream. In 2017 we move from that convenient big city and the world at our fingertips to a much slower pace. We fell flat on our faces, plans fell through, we all lived in one room in a basement for a year then we built our dream home and got to work.

Now back to the festering, seemingly impossible dream. This city girl always wanted to be a farmer. Everyone except the boy thought she was crazy. And the rest is blood, sweat, tears and history.